Please review the following information to become a student member and join a cohort of training as Psychedelic Guides and Psychedelic Therapists. 

 We recognize this is a big decision and are here to support you through this process. Please contact us by emailing events@medicinalmindfulness.org. We’re happy to answer your questions and help guide you through this process.

 Need-Based Scholarships are available, and the scholarship application is part of the General Application Process.


By applying to, and participating in these programs, you are affirming that you are physically, psychologically, and spiritually fit enough to do so safely. Many of our informed consent forms overlap with our psychedelic therapy clinic, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, and we conduct a safety assessment as part of this process. Your safety is our top priority.

  • We firmly believe the practice of psychedelic guiding should not be limited to practitioners in one professional field. We accept students from all professional orientations – You are not required to be a licensed minister, mental health professional, or medical professional to apply to our program.
  • Students must be ready to engage their own transformational process as they train to become guides for others. Psychedelic experiences are often life transforming. PSS regularly elicits major transformation and transitions in our students’ lives.
  • Participants are invited to join our online classes from anywhere. We offer this class as a professional training where Cannabis sativa is medically or recreationally legal, and as a harm reduction education program where cannabis is not. The use of cannabis is a personal decision and is completely optional.
  • You must be 21 or older to participate – The average age of our training program is 43. We support young people new to the field, as well as seasoned mental health professionals. As a specialized training, all experience levels benefit from this training.

Important Disclaimer – Your Application Approval is Not Guaranteed

Please note that acceptance to participate in any psychedelic events or the Psychedelic Sitters School training program is not guaranteed. In addition, your membership and participation in PSS can be declined at any time due to a violation of our Safe Community Policy.

All candidates will be assessed on an individual basis. Only after the registration steps below have been properly completed, will a final determination be made regarding your potential acceptance into the program. As such, do not confirm any logistical/travel arrangements (e.g., requesting time away from work, purchasing airfare, etc.) until you have been contacted by us, in writing, of your formal acceptance into the program. Psychedelic Sitters School and the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, and/or any of their officers and/or owners will not be held liable for any such incurred costs.

Application Fee and Tuition Payment

To Apply

Application and Interview Process Fee – $150

Scholarships: The Scholarship Application is free and can be found within the General Application to the Program. See this page for additional information about scholarships.

Tuition: Should you be admitted, a deposit of half of the training tuition is required to reserve your position. The second half is due one month prior to the start date of the training intensive.

Program costs are outlined on our Tuition page.

In-person Intensive Option

We’re excited to announce that some positions for in-person training are now available in our new group space located in Boulder, CO. Space is available on a first come first serve basis, based on order of applications received. Safety is our first priority when offering in-person trainings. Please review our in-person COVID Policy.