Apply to Become a Student


Please review the following information to become a student member and join a cohort of students training as Psychedelic Guides and Psychedelic Therapists. Please contact us directly if you are interested in applying to attend DMTx or other Advanced Retreats. 

This General Application is for the PSS1 & PSS2 programs. Once your General Application is approved, you can sign up for and attend both PSS1 and PSS2. Graduating from PSS1 in good standing is required to attend PSS2.  PSS3 attendance requires additional approval. 

We recognize this is a big decision and are here to support you through this process. Please contact us by emailing We’re happy to answer your questions and help guide you through this process.

Need-Based Scholarships are available, and the scholarship application is part of the General Application Process. 



By applying to, and participating in these programs, you are affirming that you are physically, psychologically, and spiritually fit enough to do so safely. Many of our informed consent forms overlap with our psychedelic therapy clinic, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, and we conduct a safety assessment as part of this process. Your safety is our top priority. 

  • We accept students from all professional orientations – You are not required to be a licensed minister, mental health professional, or medical professional to apply to our program.
  • Students must be ready to engage their own transformational process as they train to become guides for others. Psychedelic experiences are often life transforming. PSS regularly elicits major transformation and transitions in our students’ lives. 
  • Participants are invited to join our online classes from anywhere. We offer this class as a professional training where Cannabis sativa is medically or recreationally legal, and as a harm reduction education program where cannabis is not. The use of cannabis is a personal decision and is completely optional.
  • You must be 21 or older to participate – The average age of our training program is 43. We support young people new to the field, as well as seasoned mental health professionals. As a specialized training, all experience levels benefit from this training.


Important Disclaimer – Your Application Approval is Not Guaranteed

Please note that acceptance to participate in any psychedelic events or the Psychedelic Sitters School training program is not guaranteed. In addition, your membership and participation in PSS can be declined at any time due to a violation of our Safe Community Policy. 

All candidates will be assessed on an individual basis. Only after the registration steps below have been properly completed, will a final determination be made regarding your potential acceptance into the program. As such, do not confirm any logistical/travel arrangements (e.g., requesting time away from work, purchasing airfare, etc.) until you have been contacted by us, in writing, of your formal acceptance into the program. Psychedelic Sitters School and the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, and/or any of their officers and/or owners will not be held liable for any such incurred costs.


Interview Process and Acceptance

Once you submit your application, we will be in touch with you to set up your interview. Once you interview, our team will review your application and send an email to confirm or decline your admission. If approved, we will including any scholarship information. We may also request additional information, additional interviews, or we may have everything that we need to formally respond to you in short order.

Sometimes people apply to our program who have a clear and accurate intention of becoming a psychedelic facilitator, but may require a little more personal healing or personal development work before entering the training program. If that is the case, we’ll let you know and offer recommendations on those initial steps instead.  We attract wonderful students. We’re rarely a “no,” but we’re sometimes a “not yet.” 

With that being said, the program itself is designed to elicit and support your own transformational healing and awakening process. We encourage you to apply when you feel you are ready.


Additional Eligibility Requirement for PSS3

Because PSS3 teaches how to work with significant clinical concerns, to attend PSS3, students must have either a professional mental health degree and license and relevant clinical experience. Non-clinical professionals must complete the PSS credentialing program through level 2 and have enough skill, life experience, and emotional maturity to handle extremely evocative psychedelic healing experiences. For this reason, pre-approval is required. Please contact us when you are ready to attend PSS3 or if you have questions about this program. 


Application Fee and Tuition Payment

Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $150 is required with all materials submitted to schedule your interview.

Tuition: Should you be admitted, half payment of the PSS1 training tuition is required to reserve your position. The second half is due 1 month prior to your training intensive. 

Program costs are outlined on our Tuition page.


General Application for Student Member

(PSS1 & PSS2)

The General Application process is provided here for your information. When you are ready to apply, please contact us at, and we’ll send you the online form and application fee invoice.


1. Personal Information

First Name

Last Name

Preferred First Name

Preferred Pronouns


Date of Birth


(NOTE: Please provide an email that you check and is personal. You’ll receive copies of documents signed and any notifications by this email)

Phone Number





Initial [ ____ ] I certify that I am over 21 years of age and understand I am required to provide proof of age if requested.


Referred by: _________________________

If someone on our team told you about PSS, please let us know. 


How did you hear about our program?


PSS1 Training Intensive Date Applying For:

  • March 17-21, 2021
  • July 14-18, 2021
  • October 13-17, 2021
  • February 2022 – Date TBA
  • May 2022 – Date TBA
  • October 2022 – Date TBA


2. Personal Support & Emergency Contact Information

You certify that your personal support and emergency contact knows about your work with us and agrees to be your friend/ally during the training, is generally available, and agrees to be contacted in case of an emergency.


Phone Number

Email Address 



3. Psychedelic Safety Assessment

Please complete the Psychedelic Safety Assessment and provide additional information when requested. Due to the psychedelic nature of our events and experiential training program, we want to ensure that you can participate safely. 



4. Fill out these Informed Consent Documents

Reviewing our informed consent documents is an epic journey and rite of passage. Might as well get it over with now. These are required to participate in our online program.


5. Research Surveys

Research is in our future. Once our new research platform is operational, we’ll invite you to participate. All information collected is HIPAA compliant and strictly confidential.


6. Personal Essay

Please submit a 400-word max essay exploring any of the following:

  • Briefly introduce yourself
  • Describe any relevant experiences, trainings, and why you are interested in this program and becoming a psychedelic guide
  • Describe what you hope to learn/gain from this training experience
  • Describe gifts you’ve already cultivated as a guide that you are bringing into the program
  • Describe areas of interest or ability you know you need to develop further


7. Demographics

These questions are optional but help us track our progress around inclusivity and diversity, as well as help us determine an appropriate scholarship if requested.

What is your Race/Ethnicity? ___________________________

Are you LGBTQ? (yes or no)

Are you disabled? (yes or no)

Are you a student? (yes or no) If yes, where? __________________________

Are you a veteran? (yes or no) 

Are you low-income or currently experiencing economic hardship? (yes or no)

Do you have extreme medical bills (yes or no)

Do you reside Internationally?  (yes or no) Location: ____________________

Sex Identity (male, female, other)

Gender Identity (optional)__________________

Sexual Orientation (optional)__________________


8. Scholarship Application

Our Scholarships are need-based. If you are applying for a scholarship, you are affirming that you are not independently wealthy, have a high salary, a trust fund, significant investments or property, a wealthy partner or family support, etc and that you have a legitimate financial need for a scholarship. 

Do you need a scholarship? (yes or no)

Do you experience systemic oppression? (yes or no)

Do you work with populations that experience systemic oppression or are underserved communities? (yes or no) Describe: ____________

What percent off are you requesting? (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, other – if other name the other amount) – larger scholarships are reserved for those with multiple identities. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Please provide additional information, such as needs unrelated to tuition costs, that can be used to support you in becoming a psychedelic guide:


9. Interview Requirement

Once all of your material is submitted and application fee received, you will be invited to a 45-60 minute admissions interview. This is a structured interview to assess your readiness to join PSS and to get to know you and your interest in becoming a psychedelic guide. Please review your safety assessment. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about the program and what to expect. 

Your interviewer writes a brief report and presents it to our admissions team for review. 


10. Next Steps & Joining the Community

We will review your application and respond by email regarding your acceptance, next steps, and additional information about joining our community. Once approved, if any tuition payments are required, you will be sent a link to pay. If you are approved for a scholarship, the scholarship will be automatically deducted from all tuition and credentialing costs.

Once your tuition is paid in full, and about a month before your first intensive, you’ll receive information on joining the online community through the platform, and will be given access to all relevant online material and lectures.