Apply to Become a Member

As we shift to the new online platform, we’ll be able to record your application and progress in our program. To simplify this process, we’ve set up several applications as courses. They basically include a brief application process, an essay, and the electronic signing of all of our participation agreements.

Ap1 is required to participate in any of our events, membership and includes:

  • The Conscious Cannabis Experience Agreement
  • The Community Breathwork Agreement
  • Cannabis Yoga Waiver
  • Safe Community Policy
  • Psychedelics and Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment
  • Covid-19 Informed Consent

Ap2 is for the training program PSS1-2 as well as Core Competencies, and includes the Training Agreement and interview.

Ap3 is required for PSS3 and includes an essay and interview. Being enrolled in the certification process as a Psychedelic Guide is a required prerequisite. 

The scholarship application is free. 

Medical evaluations for Cannabis and Ketamine are sometimes required. Cannabis eval is recommended but not required, and would include an advanced cannabis medical card for Colorado Residence. 

Ap1Community Events (Paperwork) and Membership Application $0
Ap2For PSS1&2 (Interview 1) $150
Ap3For PSS3 (Interview 2) $200
Ap4DMTx & Advanced Retreats $300
ApSScholarship – Simple Application & Review $0
ApMMedical Eval for Cannabis & Ketamine $250
Applications for credentialing are only Ap1, Ap2, Ap3 – Medical evals are for cannabis and ketamine medical recommendations. DMTx requires Ap4 & ApM. Scholarship application is free.


***Important Disclaimer***

Please note that acceptance into the Psychedelic Sitters School training program is not guaranteed.

All candidates will be assessed on an individual basis. Only after the registration steps below have been properly completed, will a final determination be made regarding your potential acceptance into the program. As such, do not confirm any logistical/travel arrangements (e.g., requesting time away from work, purchasing airfare, etc.) until you have been contacted by us, in writing, of your formal acceptance into the program. Psychedelic Sitters School and the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, and/or any of their officers and/or owners will not be held liable for any such incurred costs.

STEP 1 for Application 2 (PSS1-2)

Email a brief letter of interest to to apply to the program.

In your email (250-word max):

  • Briefly introduce yourself
  • Describe your experience, training, and interest in this program
  • Explain what you hope to learn/gain from this training experience.

This is a professional training program, an invitation to apply will be based on your emailed letter of interest. If selected to apply, we will respond as quickly as possible to invite you to interview for the program and to confirm a date and time for your call.


Once you have submitted your items from Step 1 and are ready for an interview, submit your $150payment* for the 30-minute Interview and Assessment phone call and application review.

Read and complete the following forms before your interview. The safety assessment will be reviewed in your interview and does not need to be submitted. The other forms are signed electronically to submit.

*Please note that this payment is non-refundable, should your application be declined.


Interview & Assessment Phone Call

(30 minutes)


Sit back, relax, and well get back to you! 

We may request some additional information, additional interviews at a prorated cost, or we may have everything that we need to formally respond to you in short order. 

Guide Training is automatically approved for PSS1 graduates and can be registered for at the same time as level 1.


If you have completed our Level 1 training, or are interested in registering for both trainings at the same time, please email us at