About the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

Vision Statement

Heal and transform humanity and our shared ecology through the education, guiding, and integration of safe, legal psychedelic practices.

Established 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness pioneered and became the first Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy, Psychedelic Therapy & Conscious Cannabis organization in the United States, and has since become an established leader in the emerging field of Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Psychedelic Psychotherapy, and safe & legal Psychedelic Experiences. 

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness is not just a psychedelic therapy center, we are an intentional psychedelic community that promotes safe and sacred psychedelic medicine use practices for personal and global healing and transformation.

We teach from a multi-paradigm, transpersonal, holistic orientation that incorporates modern progressive values and service oriented action for personal and ecological healing and transformation. We do not limit ourselves to just the clinical and medical models, but actively incorporate these models into a multi-paradigm approach that draws from the four primary paradigms of psychedelic medicine use: Clinical, Spiritual, Aesthetic, and Discovery (Research). These interrelated paradigms are discussed in depth in our online lecture series in the training program.  

We also add an additional dimension of “Skill Sets” to the classic paradigm of “Set & Setting” turning it into “Set, Setting & Skill” so we can best promote therapeutic, mindfulness and journeywork skill development and the development of the psychedelic resilience required to safely be a guide and psychedelic therapist for others. We further build upon the “S’s” of Set, Setting, and Skill by including “Substance Education” and “Support/Integration,” all of which are integral themes of the program.

While Psychedelic Sitters School is clinically and medically informed, we incorporate perspectives that are in alignment with traditional psychedelic healing modalities, something we call “Psychedelic Therapy.” This is an umbrella perspective that includes, but is not limited to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, spiritual practices that incorporate psychedelics, or solely scientific research endeavors. We also actively incorporate artistic expression and music into our practices as both are essential in psychedelic community practices.

This program is designed to benefit new and experienced psychedelic practitioners.

Through this Psychedelic Therapy training program, you’ll gain everything that you need to safely begin the practice of integrating psychedelics into a functional, professional, healing modality. While a large percentage of our students are clinical or medical practitioners, you do not need to be a therapist to safely practice as a psychedelic guide for others or to qualify for our program. We believe psychedelics can be used safely by many people. This program goes far beyond “integration coaching,” and you no longer have to wait for MDMA or psilocybin to become legal to start working professionally as a psychedelic guide.

Order Daniel McQueen’s book Psychedelic Cannabis

After years of exploring cannabis and working with it as a psychedelic, Daniel McQueen has written down what he has learned to share with you. In this book, you will learn how to transform Cannabis into a potent psychedelic medicine and use it as a tool to support you on your journey.