The Student Handbook


Hello Friends!

And welcome to Psychedelic Sitters School!

The information contained in the Student Handbook is the full outline and description of our program. The PSS website is like a storefront, and contains summaries and introduction. The Student Handbook represents the full program and everything you need to know to begin your journey with us. If you’re ready for a deep dive, keep reading. If you want an overview, stick with the website until you are ready to apply.

We are “Legacy Practitioners,” meaning we come from the community of psychedelic medicine practitioners that we serve. We don’t necessarily consider this a job, per se, but a calling. And with that being said, to bring this important work to those who need it the most, we have to share a lot of paperwork for informed consent purposes. For some folks, reading technical legal language and ethical guidelines can be a significant process. Take your time with it and stay connected. If you have any questions, we’re here to help you through this process. This is just what it looks like to work professionally in the field of psychedelic medicines.

Before publishing, this document was studied and discussed by our core team and it went through a review and editing process to address any initial questions or concerns that real psychedelic practitioners might have. I am sure there are areas that will improve over time. It’s an evolving document and is reviewed annually based on feedback from our community through a representative process.

It looks complicated because being a psychedelic guide in a legal setting in the 2020s is also complicated. We did most of the legal legwork required for you to safely and legally practice. This book allows you to focus on developing the skillsets of becoming a successful, professionally practicing psychedelic guide.

I hope to see you soon and, as always, Safe Travels,

A note about this document: The PSS Student Handbook is a complimentary document to the Training Descriptions at: Together they are the PSS Program Guide. 
The MM Student Handbook is an Overview of the Psychedelic Sitters School training program, a professional guide for graduates and also a Technical Legal Resource for students. In this regard, it is similar to any student handbook you would receive from a college, university, or established professional training program. It has been published on the PSS website as a PDF so all potential students and current students have access to the informed consent agreements as a reference prior to joining our program.
Please pardon any typos. This is a complex, multi-year, living document.