Psychedelic Specialties

Through Psychedelic Guide Training, students learn how to work with psychedelic cannabis and breathwork modalities in non-clinical settings, and gain the foundational skills in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy to begin working in clinical settings and with additional medicines. These are the Psychedelic Specialities.

Psychedelic Sitters School currently offers the following four Psychedelic Specialties:

Each specialty program continues the conversation of Psychedelic Guide Training into a specific medicine modality and is comprised of webinars, 3 weekly classes and a 5 day intensive training retreat. Students gain ongoing supervision through an advanced credentialing program.

Psychedelic Therapy and Clinical Cannabis Speciality

This specialty focuses on mindfulness-based, somatic trauma resolution therapies useful in clinical settings working with any of the psychedelic medicines. Students are taught somatic and mindfulness-based clinical therapeutic protocols, how to work with extreme healing experiences, and how to facilitate Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Sessions and psycholytic cannabis sessions. The intensive includes practice sessions in cannabis-assisted somatic psychotherapy, cannabis breathwork, and group psychedelic cannabis experiences. 


  • $4,000 (+$300 Boulder Studio) or (+$0 Online) 
  • Scholarship Tuition ($2,400-$3,600)
  • No medical safety review is required for this specialty

Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Specialty

This speciality teaches students how to work with both ketamine lozenges and intramuscular injections under medical supervision within a well supported, therapeutic, transpersonal session protocol for clinical and spiritual applications. Each student will have the opportunity to guide twice and journey twice with Ketamine.


  • $4,750 (+$300 Boulder Studio)
  • Scholarship Tuition ($2,850-$3,800)
  • Medical Safety Review may be required if not yet completed, annual requirement

Psilocybin Mushroom Support Specialty

This speciality teaches students to safely provide personal support services for clients who choose to take psilocybin mushrooms. Students learn how to navigate the new laws of Colorado that legalized supported personal use as a profession. Students will learn about safe dosing protocols, psilocybin safety and contraindications, and proper guiding techniques. Each student will guide once and journey once.


  • $5,500 (+$1,500 retreat room and board estimate)
  • Scholarship Tuition ($3,300-$4,950)
  • Medical Safety Review may be required if not yet completed, annual requirement

Advanced Specialties

Students who complete Psychedelic Mystery School can apply to join the DMT Guiding Speciality and DMTx program. Additional psychedelic medicines may be added as more medicines become decriminalized.

DMT Guiding Speciality

This specialty teaches students how to work with legally obtainable, naturally derived DMT in legal, personal use support settings in Colorado. Students will guide twice and journey twice, followed by an opportunity to witness a DMTx experimental journey session. This is the only intensive with a “journeyer only” option for qualified participants. 


  • $5,000 (+$1,500 retreat room and board estimate)
  • Scholarship Tuition $3,000-$4,500)
  • Medical Safety Review may be required if not yet completed, annual requirement
  • Add on: So you want to be a DMTx Psychonaut? (DMTx Experiential Session +$5,000)

The DMTx Program

The DMTx Program,, is a one of a kind program that explores psychedelic spaces using Extended-State DMT using targeted infusion medical technology. DMTx is an independent program in partnership with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. 

Specialty Credentialing

To obtain the Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapist credential, students are required to take medicine specific mentorship series for each specialty. Mystery School does not require additional credentialing.

  • Newer Practitioners  – $1,000 per specialty
  • Experienced Practitioners – $600 per speciality
  • Scholarships apply