Tuition is designed to be staggered at each of the PSS1-3 levels as they are taken. The costs can be broken down even further to a pay as you go for those who are in financial need. Core Professional Competencies and other CE credits are stand alone programs that are recommended for advanced study in the field. 

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot in an Intensive. 

Due to the nature of our work, we have a no-refund policy. We begin investing in you as soon as you join our program and we want to work with people who are committed. 

Due to Covid-19, if someone cannot make it to an intensive they are signed up for, you simply have to inform us and we will move you to a new date. Please be mindful of your travel arrangements and make them as flexible as possible during this time. 

These are non-residential intensives. Lodging recommendations are provided in that section. 

Intensives are also small groups of 10-12 plus facilitators.

We are currently reviewing the option of providing some simple meals to reduce the need to order or shop. Snacks and beverages (juice, coffee, and tea) will be provided after the ceremonial sessions. Gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, kosher, and other healthy options will be available. We are figuring out the price for that now. 

While the PSS1 course is still required, PSS1 Credentialing process ($500) can be skipped by professional mental health professionals who are seeking credentialing in PSS2. PSS2 is required for PSS3. 

Tuition can be broken down in the following way:

Ap2   $150

PSS1a – online $1,250

PSS1b –  online $1,250


PSS1 Intensive $2,500

Optional Credentialing PSS1     $500 

PSS2 Intensive $2,500

Optional Credentialing PSS2      $500 

Ap3   $200

PSS3 Intensive $2,500

Optional Credentialing PSS3   $500 

Total Tuition & Costs (PSS1-3) $7,500

+ $1,500 for Professional Credentialing

Ap2 & Ap3     $350

Core Professional Competencies ($1,500×6) $6,000 

– Required for Psychedelic Specialist Credential as continuing education credits 

PSS1-3 with credentialing       $9,000

Tools     $355

Grand Total Hours         808

See the following page for a complete breakdown of the tuition costs