Psychedelic Mystery School™

Once students complete Psychedelic Guide Training (credentialed or not), they are invited to join the Psychedelic Mystery School. In addition to the Mystery School, students can take one more medicine specialty, to obtain the credential of “Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapist.” As an alternative track students can instead take two additional medicine specialties to fulfill the MBPT requirement. Students who complete the Mystery School may also take the DMT Advanced Specialty.

Psychedelic Mystery School Intensive Retreat:   This 3 weekly classes, 6 day retreat teaches students to work with the transpersonal, energetic and ceremonial aspects of guiding, and to work with cannabis teas in group ceremonies, cannabis concentrates and a shared psilocybin mushroom circle. This course is for our students who wish to dive deeper into the mystery of spiritual practices and to gain more experience and confidence in leading group psychedelic experiences.

Psychedelic Mystery School Class Code: PSS4


    • Psychedelic Mystery School – $5,000 + $500 space-use fee 
        • (with scholarship – $3,000-$4,500)
        • Possible Medical Safety Review is required if not completed yet -$400 (scholarships $250)

Payment plan – Payment for the standalone class can be split into two or three payments. Extended payment plans with credentialing and electives are also available.

Course Description

We are drawn to the mystery of these medicines as much as the healing. We view them as sacraments to honor our ancestors and bow in reverence to presence beyond this world for spiritual guidance and support. We seek direct contact with that beautiful space beyond this space. We yearn for even brief moments of sacred communion with the more than human world. We have felt the spirits of the forest and mountains; we have dived deep into the realm of the collective consciousness and yearn to comprehend the magnificence of all that is.

It’s not just faith that drives our belief but also direct experience. We have communed with guides and allies; we have experienced the archetypes first hand and have felt the power of their existence. They have spoken to us. We have become one with the light and sunk into the void beyond it. Time is a concept that has more meaning to us than the relentless ticking of a clock. It is eternal in the present moment.

How do we engage this space safely? Sustainably? With reverence and gratitude? How do we even find the words to describe these ineffable states? What exactly is “energy” and how do we skillfully and confidently engage it? What does it mean to look beyond the edges of the world? Is magic real? Where do we belong in this greater community of being?

These are the questions explored in Psychedelic Mystery School.

You are invited to join us on an expedition into the mysterious space beyond the visible and explore the edges yourself; to see and feel what is out there. There is no dogma here, just curiosity.

We will work with the tools that go beyond the “psychotherapeutic,” tools of divination and prayer, tools of magic and alchemy. Spirits, elements and the “more real than real.”

We honor the dimensions of psychedelic practice that are too often neglected and minimized by the quest for psychedelics to be accepted into the mainstream mental health field. We invite the mainstream mind into our world instead. We want others to experience the mystery that we live in. We invite our clients into this space, and bear witness to the sacred awakening of those in our care. We invite them into the greater mystery. We are the psychopomps, the guides, the alchemists, the wild ones.

Primary Learning Objectives: To explore advanced spiritual practices associated with psychedelic medicine work and learn advanced energy practices within a culturally appropriate multifaith paradigm.

Structure: This is a five night in person intensive with four psychedelic ceremonies. Presentations and integration conversations will be each morning and we will step into different psychedelic experiences each afternoon or evening. We will practice the standard cannabis ceremony protocols students are familiar with, but we will add more active protocols that include art and divination, energy healing modalities, ceremony and prayer, as well as a new cannabis ceremony that is a much longer nighttime journey using edible cannabis blends as the sacrament.

In 2024 we begin the journey working with psilocybin mushrooms as a sacred personal use practice now legal under Colorado state law. 

Psychedelic Mystery School Preparatory Webinars & Classes

Currently, 10 hours of Webinar Content presented below with four preparatory classes. By our next intensive, we will add another series from a different spiritual tradition. 

PSS4A- Introduction to Ceremony & Spiritual Practice

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Ceremonial Tools
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Spirits, Deities & Archetypes
  • The Medicine Wheel – The Seven Directions & Cannabis Journeywork
  • Seven Stages of Alchemy and Ritual Magick

Lectures & Experientials will Explore

  • Foundational Transpersonal Skills and Concepts
  • Learning Objectives and Theoretical Orientations: Shamanic, Mystical, Alchemical, Transpersonal, Vedic Philosophy
  • Spirituality of Cannabis – Brief history of Cannabis as a shamanic/mystical medicine
  • Theory Energy Healing – Quantum, Reiki, Hands on healing – Skillful and ethical touch
  • Engaging the Imaginal – Shamanic Journeying / active imagination / mediumship
  • Spirits, Deities, & Archetypes – Building transpersonal relationships
    Ritual, Magick, & Ceremony
  • Seven Stages of Alchemy – Introduction to alchemical concepts
  • Sacred Medicine Wheel – Earth-centered wisdom and processes of nature
  • Creating Transpersonal Containers – Medicine Tools, Transpersonal Guides, Altars & Totems
  • Magick – As above, So below – Using found materials and intention setting for manifestation
  • Oracle Tools – Tarot, oracle cards
    Psychospiritual Integration & Professional Practice
  • Psychospiritual Integration – How does ritual, magick, and creative expression help with integrating transpersonal and spiritual experiences?
  • Ethical Considerations – appropriation, scope of practice, spiritual consent, still not a “Guru”
  • Practicing the Protocol with other medicines

Group Psychedelic Experiences

  • Opening Ceremony – Guided Cannabis Meditation and Psychedelic Blend Making Ceremony – Guided meditation to bring awareness to our bodies as we explore our transpersonal edges in search for meaning in our own inner alchemist, oracle, medium, shaman, psychopomp, etc. 
  • Cannabis Tea & Smoke Ceremony – Edible cannabis journey (ceremonial tea) to explore our edges and build relationship with the medicine in a different way.  By imbibing the medicine in the form of a tea, we invite the elements of water and earth.  Allowing us to gently flow into our bodies and explore our depths below. This is a longer ceremony to give space for the onset and length of time of the effects of the medicine.  
  • Group Psilocybin Mushroom Ceremony – We take deep exploratory dive together through the inner cosmos by partaking in a safe and sacred group mushroom experience. 
  • Psycholytic Magick Ceremony – This ceremony is intended to bring gentleness and playfulness into the space by creating a sacred container for us to practice what we’ve been learning over the past few days.  This will be an opportunity for us to rest, practice energetic healings, hands on healing, and connecting with transpersonal and archetypal allies and guides. We sit by a fire and also practice creativity and play through candle magick.
  • Second Cannabis Tea & Smoke Ceremony – As experienced psychonauts, we dive once again into the inner cosmos through a second cannabis team ceremony, with singing, prayers, movement, optional breathwork practices and live music. We can also explore dialing in our dose with the medicine to go deeper or lighter than the first tea ceremony. 
Psychedelic Mystery School Schedule