We would like to reaffirm our organizations commitment to racial equality and social justice. We are fully committed to ensuring that everyone in our community is treated fairly, and with dignity and respect. 

We would also like to ensure that the communities who need psychedelic healing services the most actually have access to them. There is something very personal about healing and self-actualization, and it is often important to recipients of a healing session that they have a shared identity with their guide. The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness would like to do what ever we can to support access to deep healing for all people. 

We believe that everyone deserves access to the healing that we offer and we work hard to make these programs financially accessible. Our scholarship program is not based on any sort of donation limitations. If you need a scholarship, and you qualify for our services or training program, you’ll get one for the duration of your time with us. 

Ten percent of all general donations to our non-profit will be used solely to supplement our scholarship program, and if you have the means to directly donate to the scholarship fund, please do so here.  All donations are tax-deductible through our non-profit partner, Noonautics. 

We acknowledged that marginalized communities have too often been left out of receiving access to essential psychedelic services. This scholarship is designed to give access to people who are marginalized and who experience systemic oppression. The scholarship is also available to help people who financially need it and would not be able to participate otherwise. 

This scholarship is available for:  

  • Veterans
  • Students
  • International Residents
  • People with Limited Income 
  • People with Disabilities
  • People with Extreme Medical Debt
  • Anyone living with the effects of systemic oppression 
  • Anyone working with populations living with the effects of systemic oppression

We specifically aim to lift up those most marginalized and therefore prioritize people who hold multiple identities in this application process, especially if you have limited financial means, are a student, a veteran, or disabled. Our hope with this scholarship is to create space for those who have been most often denied access to this type of transformational experience and training by a lack of accessibility or discrimination. 

The scholarship is for the duration of your time with us, and includes the application fees, group psychedelic experiences, membership fees, all supplies, and all tuition costs.  Discounted services for individual treatment are provided through our Affordable Psychedelic Therapy Program

What the scholarship does not yet provide a discount on is travel, lodging and meals of our training retreats. These are already offered at cost, and we strive to always provide affordable lodging options. We have also created solely online training options for greatest accessibility. 

The application to receive a scholarship is simple and takes less than ten minutes. 

You can automatically receive 10% to 40% off of all costs depending on your need. 

Please remember that if you can afford to pay more, even if it is a sacrifice to do so, you are helping someone else who could not afford to attend without a scholarship. Below is a breakdown of costs.

As an example, the full tuition of PSS1-3 is $7,500.

The total cost for PSS1-3 with a scholarship would be:

  • $6,000 for a scholarship that provides 20% off.
  • $5,250 for a scholarship that provides 30% off.
  • $4,500 for a scholarship that provides 40% off.

We can also make the program more accessible through payment plans, and through a pay as you go structure. Once your scholarship is approved, all payments to our program will be automatically discounted. For example, paying for a regularly priced class that is $500, it would be $300-$400 with a scholarship.

If this scholarship is still insufficient to make our program accessible to you please contact us and we will work with you to the best of our ability. Maybe there are other, non-financial ways we can support you. Again, while we are accepting donations to support our scholarships, we are not waiting for donations to start providing them to as many people as we can. We look forward to you being part of this journey. Please reach out if you have any questions or need more assistance.

Thank you for applying for a scholarship to our program.

Application Process

Please answer the following questions in our initial General ApplicationTo ensure a sense of universal objectivity, your interviewer who recommends you will not be told your scholarship status, however, you are invited to share whatever you want about your identity and how it relates to your readiness to be a psychedelic medicine practitioner in training. Please review our “Notice of Non-Discrimination and Prohibition of Harassment” in our Safe Community Policy for additional information. 

  1. Do you need a scholarship? (yes or no)
  2. What percent off are you requesting? (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, other – if other name the other amount)
  3. Do you experience systemic oppression? (yes or no)
  4. Do you work with populations who experience systemic oppression? Please describe: _________________
  5. What is your race? ___________________________ 
  6. Are you LGBTQ? (yes or no)
  7. Are you disabled? (yes or no)
  8. Are you a student? (yes or no)
  9. Are you a veteran? (yes or no)
  10. Are you low-income or currently experiencing economic hardship? (yes or no)
  11. Are you an international resident? (yes or no)
  12. Do you have extreme medical debt? (yes or no)
  13. Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Please provide additional information, such as needs unrelated to tuition costs, that can be used to support you in becoming a psychedelic therapist:

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