Learn psychedelic informed mindfulness practices and therapeutic skill sets to safely guide transformational healing experiences by attending Psychedelic Sitters School at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness.

Established in 2012, Psychedelic Sitters School is a comprehensive Psychedelic Therapy training program open to not just medical and mental health professionals, but also those seeking to enter the field of Psychedelic Therapy from other professional orientations.  We have redesigned our training so we can best support our members during this unprecedented time. Because of Covid-19, we now have a full online training program through our new community platform, complete with safe, online psychedelic experiences.  Intensive in-person training retreats are now regional and will begin again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our training program is comprehensive and includes credentialing in a modality called Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy® (MBPT) with a specialization in Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy® and Cannabis-Assisted Somatic Psychotherapy®.  MBPT also provides the personal and professional competencies required to work ethically and skillfully with other psychedelic medicines. Ketamine facilitation practicums are regularly scheduled when requested by our community.  Advanced courses in psilocybin and N,N-DMT facilitation, as well as other medicine modalities, are ready to be added to the program as soon as it is safe to travel internationally again. Through our community, you will gain the necessary supervision, mentorship, and personal accountability to practice as an ethical psychedelic therapist and guide with a classic psychedelic plant medicine that is already legal in most of the United States (both medically or recreationally) and all of Canada.

We completely understand if you are skeptical about the psychedelic potency of Cannabis sativa. We were too. To begin your journey into Psychedelic Cannabis we invite you to view this page, or join us for one of our online Conscious Cannabis Circles.

You no longer need to wait for the legalization of psychedelic medicines such as MDMA and psilocybin to become a legal psychedelic practitioner. Legalization is still many years away, and even when these medicines do become legal, it will be many, many more years before they become accessible to facilitators outside a few institutions. You can start your calling (and private practice) as a psychedelic therapist and guide today.

Our professional credentialing program is for non-therapists and psychotherapists alike and includes membership in the Medicinal Mindfulness Community. With our support and mentorship, you will be able to immediately begin practicing as a psychedelic guide after completing your first training level with us, and we teach everything you need to know to have a successful and thriving private practice as a professional facilitator. For those who already have a professional license, we teach you everything you need to know to practice as a psychedelic therapist within the ethical and legal guidelines of your profession. For those seeking to enter the field, our credentialing program and community accountability provides everything you need to begin your new path as an ethical and competent professional.

Diversity, cultural competency, and inclusion are core values of our program. Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy respectfully discusses traditional psychedelic practices in a way that does not culturally appropriate them. Our program draws upon ancient and modern research, therapeutic, mindfulness, spiritual, and aesthetic practices. Please visit our community scholarship program here to learn more about our accessibility and diversity scholarship program.

Please contact us if you have a question about our program, or apply to the program here.







Welcome, Brave Traveler

A message from Daniel McQueen, creator of Psychedelic Sitters School

and author of “Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate”

Daniel McQueen | Psychedelic Sitters School | Boulder, CO

You don’t have to wait for MDMA and psilocybin to become legal to be a psychedelic therapist. You don’t even have to leave the country to facilitate profound therapeutic experiences with a legal, and incredibly potent psychedelic plant medicine. You can become a psychedelic therapist now, in full compliance with the law.

I attended Naropa University and earned my Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with the utmost intention of becoming an ethical underground psychedelic therapist. When cannabis became legal in Colorado in 2014, everything changed. As I began to explore the significance of using cannabis as a psychedelic for therapeutic purposes, I realized quickly the potential of this medicine.

I have since devoted a good amount of energy not just to my passion of psychedelics, but also to this humble plant ally. Working with Psychedelic Cannabis allowed me to drop all of my previous plans and I became a legally practicing, full-time, professional psychedelic specialist and guide by using the first legally accessible psychedelic plant medicine in the United States. I can honestly say that I have one of the most meaningful jobs I’ve ever had.

During this time, I have discovered one of the most important healing interventions we have available to us – Community. We no longer have to practice in isolation. We can come together to share who we are and our gifts, without the limitations, fears, and traumas caused by prohibition. This is what Psychedelic Sitters School is really all about.

As coronavirus cases rise across the United States, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear. Our work is needed now more than ever and our team is committed to training a new generation of psychedelic therapists who are ready to help heal and transform our families, our communities, and the world. We’ve developed a new training protocol that is more resilient and flexible for the duration of this unprecedented period. I firmly believe Cannabis sativa is a tool for massive societal transformation. It is a healer and psychedelic in its own right. In addition, as other medicines become legally available for use, by training with Psychedelic Cannabis through our program, you’ll have already created your private practice and have developed the experience and skill necessary to successfully step into other medicine modalities safely and ethically.

Most importantly, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness represent a resilient community in a time of global crisis and transformation, working together to help each other heal. The world needs us to show up right now… together.

I invite you to join us on this sacred expedition of healing and discovery.

Safe Travels,
Daniel McQueen


conscious cannabis community | psychedelic Sitters School

PSS1 - Foundations in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy

Learn how to facilitate transformational psychedelic journeys for your clients, mindfulness practices that support your experience as a facilitator and your client's process, and all of the logistical "how-tos" of safe and ethical psychedelic journey facilitation.  Skill sets include advanced music facilitation, intentional medicine consumption, guided meditation, and crisis intervention/prevention. Similar to facilitating N,N-DMT, and Ketamine experiences. Includes group psychedelic journey experiences for all participants.

Ceremonial Cannabis | Guiding with Cannabis | Psychedelic Sitters School

PSS2 - Psychedelic Guide Training

PSS2 teaches how to safely deepen a client’s psychedelic experience through guided mindfulness practices, and teaches how to collaboratively navigate the inner-space as an imaginal landscape, how to engage the many aspects of self, how to transform and transmute tension and trauma, and to navigate safely in transpersonal terrains. Additional skill sets taught include facilitating small group experiences and online psychedelic cannabis experiences. Similar to MDMA-Assisted and Psilocybin-Assisted guide practices. Includes group psychedelic journey experiences for all participants.

First Aid | CPR Training | Psychedelic Sitters School

Psychedelic First Aid/CPR

Learn mental health crisis interventions and advanced First Aid skills to handle both the common difficulties that arise in psychedelic experiences as well as the extreme, life-threatening situations that can and do occur in these settings, from overdoses to heart attacks and more. Three-year CPR certification is included. This is a great course for those interested in becoming volunteer guides at festival first aid tents, Zendo spaces, or for anyone using psychedelics in wilderness settings.

Psychedelic Sitters School | Level 2 | Guiding with Cannabis Sativa | Daniel McQueen

PSS3 - Advanced Practices in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy

PSS3 teaches specific therapeutic techniques and how to address significant clinical concerns with your clients, specifically trauma and PTSD, and the clinical concerns that are commonly associated with trauma. In addition, this course also teaches how to support clients in extreme growth edge processes. Assessment, Preparation and Integration are discussed at length. Specific modalities taught are Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork, Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy, and Cannabis-Assisted Somatic Psychotherapy, as well as how to handle extreme psychedelic states similar to 5-MeO-DMT. Includes group psychedelic journey experiences for all participants.  

Psychedelic Sitters School | Medicinal Mindfulness | Colorado | Small Group Alison McQueen

Ecopsychedelics & Council

Our newest program, beginning again in 2021

Explore issues of sustainability and psychedelics, and how to use psychedelics to both increase personal resilience in activism, as well as advanced ecological problem-solving techniques with psychedelics. This program includes practices in conflict resolution, Earth centered philosophies, and group council practices.