Psychedelic Therapy Training (PSS 3) is for those who wish to further advance their psychedelic education, practice in clinical settings to treat trauma, and who wish to engage in advanced transformational practices, such as cannabis-assisted breathwork. Completing this level allows for a credentialing in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy with a speciality in Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy and can be completed, with credentialing in about a year.

The term “Psychedelic” doesn’t just mean “mind-manifesting,” it also means “soul-manifesting.” There is something intrinsically “more than human” that often feels “more real than real” in psychedelic experiences. These experiences don’t quite fit into the category of a solely internal, imaginal process. Real healing sometimes requires entering into cellular, somatic, and perinatal states, as well as ancestral and seemingly past life experiences. At the very least engaging the imagination of the psyche at these levels is deeply healing and transformational for our clients, as well as deeply meaningful for the psychedelic therapist.

The four day PSS 3 intensive includes lectures and 30 hours of psychedelic therapy experientials, two group psychedelic breathwork experiences, and four individually guided psychedelic cannabis breathwork experiences in the practicum. These experiences can elicit the most extreme states possible on psychedelic medicines. Students will learn how to guide and practice cannabis-assisted breathwork techniques that elicit N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT level psychedelic experiences using special blends of psychedelic cannabis.

Students will learn how to identify, assess, and work with specific mental and spiritual health concerns within a psychedelic container, and develop mindfulness protocols to assist in the healing of severe trauma and PTSD and related mental health concerns.

On the other end of the psychedelic spectrum, students will also learn how to engage extreme growth edges and guide experiences for advanced creative problem-solving, and advanced spiritual states.

Special topics include parts work and trauma resolution strategies, energetic support strategies, transformational alchemy techniques, and how to provide the necessary preparation and integration support structure to safely assist clients going through major healing and transformational experiences.

Integrating Cannabis-Assisted modalities into already established professional practices should increase your rate by about 20% as a specialized service.

What You Will Learn in Advanced Practices

  • How to accurately identify significant psychological concerns that may affect the successful outcome of a psychedelic therapy session and assess level of concerns for possible contraindications
  • Assess and work with trauma and PTSD, and related psychological concerns in a mindfulness, non-clinical, practice
  • How to provide the necessary preparation and integration support for psychological concerns
  • Therapeutic and energetic/transpersonal techniques for situations that are common in sessions when significant concerns or extreme growth edges are present
  • Therapeutic and mindfulness techniques include: parts work, shadow-work, art therapy techniques, handling extreme emotional states, and somatic/mindfulness-informed trauma resolution strategies
  • Energetic techniques include active imagination processes associated with transformational alchemy practices, energy healing practices, and contact with entities and archetypes
  • How to amplify any psychedelic experience using cannabis-assisted breathwork experiences
  • How to legally and safely provide Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy in compliance with your professional licensing and other legal requirements

Completion of the Level 3 program is a prerequisite to receive the Medicinal Mindfulness credential called: Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy (CAPT).

PSS 3 – Four Day Training Intensive with Two Day Practicum

To complete your journey in becoming a psychedelic guide, we meet Thursday through Sunday for our third and final training intensive. You’ll experience the transformational power of combining breathwork practices with psychedelic cannabis firsthand in a full, two-day psychedelic cannabis breathwork retreat experience, the practice you’ll learn to guide. We provide ongoing small group process for integration support and skill development, and a series of lectures on mindfulness, psychedelic therapy practices, and the necessary safety container for extreme transformation and healing. 

Small Integration Process Groups & Lectures in the Morning. Lecture Topics Include:

  • Trauma Resolution Practices & Support
  • Advanced Parts Work
  • 7 Stages of Alchemy as a Map for Transpersonal Development
  • Heartships for Clinical Concerns
  • Grieving
  • Energy Work 
  • Art Experientials
  • Addressing Common Clinical Concerns
  • Using Intakes & Assessments
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Addictions & Psychedelics
  • Advanced Cannabis Blends
  • Cannabis Breathwork as a treatment modality

Total Class Time for PSS 3 – Psychedelic Therapy Training – 108 hrs (PSS3)

Total Time – Entire Program – 264 hrs (PSS1-3 + Credentialing)