Psychedelic Cannabis

Psychedelic Cannabis Rainbow HeartDid you know that when cannabis is used intentionally and skillfully, it is just as potent as other psychedelic medicines in therapeutic settings?

Our clients commonly report experiences that are as potent and psychedelic as MDMA, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and even DMT. Psychedelic Cannabis experiences are perfect for people who are curious about psychedelics but don’t know where to start. They’re also great for experienced psychonauts seeking to deepen their psychedelic practice. As trauma-informed practitioners, we also work with individuals who seek deep, transformational healing. As guides, we work with creative explorers of consciousness and complex problem-solvers, pushing the edges of human potential.

Clean, well grown, organic cannabis has evolved today to be exceptionally potent with THC levels testing around 25%-30%. When grown properly with care and love cannabis can produce diverse profiles of fragrance which contribute to the myriad of physiological and psychological effects that this amazing plant is capable of eliciting.

When Cannabis Sativa is worked with as a safe and sacred medicinal tool, it may support us in many healing processes such as: turning inward, resolving tensions stored deep within the body, tracking inner sensations and releasing traumas from the nervous system. Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy reframes the cannabis experience as not just a substance to be used in recreational settings and expands upon the ever-increasing medical efficacy being discovered daily. When used in an intentional container with a professionally trained psychedelic guide, this modality deepens the healing and transformational process and makes somatic (body-centered) trauma work more efficient and more effective.

Clients frequently report:

  • Extreme body awareness and a synesthesia of somatic and visual senses
  • Active and very visual imaginal experiences and a deep connection with their intuition
  • A connection with the sacred, deeply meaningful and transcendent
  • A feeling of being very present, lucid and with a sense of agency during experience
  • Profound new levels of nervous system regulation and trauma resolution
  • Developing a sense of agency in life, with important situations and having more choice
  • Feeling a deeper connection with their sense of purpose

Contrary to popular belief, Cannabis sativa is a classic psychedelic. Until recently, however, it just wasn’t grown with the quality, potency, and unique characteristics required to actualize as a reliable psychedelic medicine. The War on Drugs grossly distorted our understanding of cannabis, even within the psychedelic therapy community, and this has limited our perception of what we thought possible. As cannabis legalization sweeps across the country, people are waking up to the incredible potential of this plant.

Psychedelic Sitters School works with Cannabis sativa, not only because it is accessible for adults legally, but also because we have found it to be an incredible medicine to combine with Psychedelic Therapy. Since Cannabis has a “shape shifting” nature and can mimic other medicines, psychedelic cannabis practitioners are required to learn how to competently work with all the other medicines in a single session, ranging from gentle MDMA to vivid DMT states. No other medicine creates such a diverse psychedelic experience. 

Cannabis has an untapped potential to become a perfect medicine for advanced psychedelic therapists to practice with legally, as well as for psychotherapists and other healers inspired to work with psychedelics but not wanting or willing to break any laws.

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