Rev. Jay Waxenberg, MA


Rev. Jay Waxenberg, MA

Psychedelic Guide, DMTx and Psychedelic Sitters School Training Program Director, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Interfaith Minister

My journey with psychedelics and spirituality began simultaneously while earning my Master’s in Philosophy, with a focus on mysticism and the psychedelic experience, from the University of Miami. My academic studies allowed me to work closely with several shamanic traditions and plant medicines, sparking my own spiritual path. After graduating, I spent the next few years traveling the world studying various spiritual traditions—living in India, Nepal, Israel, and Spain to name a few. My spiritual training took on a more structured format when I began Interfaith Seminary, with the goal of combining ministry and psychedelics. I eventually settled in Colorado to focus on psychedelic training, going on to complete all of the Medicinal Mindfulness programs and Polaris Insight Ketamine trainings. The psychedelic techniques I have found in nearly all of the world’s spiritual traditions have convinced me that these techniques can be used by people of any belief (including no belief at all) to examine, connect, heal, grow, and change their own beliefs. Unifying years of spiritual and psychedelic training, I specialize in helping people use psychedelics to deepen their spirituality, reconnect to spiritual traditions, and discover new spiritual paths. I work with people to help them heal religious wounds, explore spirituality, and to prepare, integrate, and support them through the psychedelic experience.

I am committed to the healing of our shared world, a process that I believe requires a continuous reflective process of recognizing difference, privilege and shadow of the incarnations we are currently experiencing. In that spirit, it is one of my deepest held beliefs that this work is the birthright of all those who feel called to it. If you are here, and if you have a longing in your heart to serve the healing of this world, I am here to support you. I’m committed to working with and making this work accessible to those of all backgrounds. I consider myself as an ally to the BIPOC, LGBTQI+ and all marginalized communities in our world.

One Step Deeper

I feel particularly called to support:

  • Those who are in transition or at a threshold that may be experiencing grief, depression or a sense of being lost
  • Those who identify as spiritual seekers or who feel called to the spiritual path
  • Those who are recontextualizing/redefining their spirituality, including those who are leaving or returning to Christianity or Judaism
  • Young men who are feeling called to an initiation or quest
  • Marginalized people, immigrants, BIPOC, LGBTQI+, religious or spiritual refugees
  • Community organizers, activists or those that identify as outsiders

Areas of Specialization