Independent Practice, Centers, & Retreats

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness and Psychedelics Sitters School is a vocational program designed to support our graduates who are stepping into professional practice with psychedelic medicines. Our students are starting guiding practices across Colorado, the United States, and Canada, and we are helping centers get established on the West Coast from Alaska to San Diego, as well as several locations on the East Coast, in New York, Washington D.C., and in many other areas. Internationally, centers are forming in Canada, Mexico, Israel, the Caiman Islands, and Australia. 

As a vocational program, our students participate in classes and a professional mentorship programs that support the development of their private practice, from part time to full time, either individually, or with a group of peer allies. 

Learn how to build “A Center for Medicinal Mindfulness” in your area, and become an independent, professional psychedelic guide by joining our community and the Gateway Guild.