DMT Guide Training

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and specifically, N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (N,N-DMT), the primary psychedelic ingredient of Ayahuasca, is now legal for personal use in Colorado after the passage of Proposition 122, the Natural Medicine Health Act.

Colorado is the first State in the United States to fully legalize DMT for personal use. The implications of this are astounding, but on a more personal level, the change in law allows Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation to work in conjunction with Psychedelic Sitters School and DMTx, Inc (our Extended-State DMT program) to practice legally with this medicine in our home state. 

It will still be several years before the regulatory market of DMT will be developed for clinical use. Under Prop 122, Psilocybin mushrooms are the first to be regulated for clinical use in healing centers and trainings, with DMT, non-peyote Mescaline, and Ibogaine joining later. However, all of these psychedelic medicines are now legal for personal use at this time. 

Because legal access to DMT is happening now, the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation has an ethical obligation as a psychedelic harm reduction and education program to provide guide trainings for personal use to keep our community and guides as safe as possible. 

This summer, we are bringing DMTx4, our fourth DMT psychonaut training intensive, to Colorado. We’ve been preparing for this step since 2017 and the implementation of the DMTx program. With that being said, since we’ve always fully complied with the law, this will be our first training using actual DMT. Thank you to cannabis, ketamine, and the sacred use of peyote for taking us this far and helping call this spirit into legalization. 

DMTx4 is a guide training program and open to the current DMTx team, DMTx training graduates, and graduates of PSS1-2, psychedelic guide training (by application). Additional information about this important program is provided to our students.

DMTx is also forming a membership community for everyone interested in this program. Once we get our guides trained, we will begin scouting missions with DMT in preparation for full DMTx, Extended-State DMT experiences, beginning in Colorado as soon as next year.