Community is the most important service we have to offer as a program. Many in our field are overly isolated and alone. We are also confronted with incredible judgment about our path, one which we know is deeply meaningful with real potential for global healing and transformation. 

Our new online platform will allow us to further support the organic development of collective expression. Due to the nature of our work, membership is a stepping into process, and requires the membership application (Ap1) and an evaluation of all required documents and forms. 

As you develop as a practitioner, you will be invited into specialized community and practitioner communities with special interests and advanced practices. 

Members have access to the following services: 

  • Online Forum
  • Class Updates
  • Clubs & Societies
  • Scholarships & Donations
  • Professional Insurance
  • Research
  • Council & Governance
  • Volunteer Service
  • Practitioners Directory
  • Safe Community Policy & Conflict Resolution 
  • Psychedelic Cannabis Corps – Conscious Cannabis Collective
  • Clinical Space Available for Rent for Cannabis & Ketamine Sessions

Community Membership (Annual Dues) 

  • General & Sitter Membership   – $100/year
  • Guide & Therapist Membership – $200/year

As with all tuition costs, community membership dues are covered under our scholarship program.

Community Membership is facilitated through the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness Non-Profit, with the dues split 50/50 with Psychedelic Sitters School. Anything community-related is not profit motivated, and costs of managing our student populations is shared between programs. The 50% share is donated to the non-profit and managed by the Board of Directors and leadership team. Directory and other services are created by members for mutual support. Independent special interest clubs and community groups are encouraged. Volunteer Service is required for credentialing. 

The Non-Profit Board of Directors is currently recruiting additional members within the community. Board applicants must be advanced practitioners and follow board protocols. Email us if you would like to nominate someone to the board. 

Safe Community Policy and Community Sustainability

Psychedelic communities are complicated entities! They’re beautiful and messy and motivated and chaotic. Bringing some order and structure, with a sense of safety, is the most important job of a guide, while simultaneously allowing for novelty and flow and unexpected opportunities. 

The Board of Directors is currently updating our Safe Community Policy to include the practice of council and conflict resolution, as well as a robust code of ethics for practitioners and community agreements for all our members. This is an ongoing and evolving process. The Safe Community Policy will be updated annually, and agreeing to these community guidelines is required for membership.