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Level 1 Foundations in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy® is designed to provide you with the foundational skillsets to increase the depth and meaning of transformational psychedelic experiences while keeping them as safe as possible. Unlike other Psychedelic Therapy programs, Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Sitters School is not just theoretical, it is also very experiential in nature, and we focus on gaining direct, first-hand knowledge from the psychedelic sessions themselves.

We focus on Mindfulness Techniques that Psychedelic Therapists and Guides can use to deepen their own healing and transformation process while assisting and staying in full contact with their client for many hours. These internal skill sets are often unacknowledged in other programs, yet are essential in increasing personal and professional sustainability and resilience.

You’ll learn how to make your own psychedelic cannabis blends, set up your therapy space, use music, and prompts to safely hold space as a psychedelic facilitator. The skill sets taught in PSS1 are similar to facilitating Ketamine and N,N-DMT psychedelic experiences.

The intensive nature of the experience allows us to do far more than a clinical Psychedelic Therapy training program. In addition to the demonstrations, experientials and multiple one-on-one practice sessions, the intensive is over four full days of personal psychedelic journeywork equivalent to the most potent Ayahuasca retreat experiences.

You’ll meet other students who are as inspired by psychedelics as much as you are and who are from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and as far away as as Australia.  The community nature of the intensives is one of the most healing interventions we can offer to our community.

Level 1 is a prerequisite to assist in Medicinal Mindfulness community experiences as a sitter and volunteer for trainings. Additional readings and other educational resources will be provided.

PSS1 is the most important class in our program and cannot be skipped. It provides foundational skill sets central to our program, supervised facilitation experiences, and a significant amount of psychedelic therapy logistics. Psychedelic therapy is not the same as psychotherapy. Although being a psychotherapist is a great foundational skillset for this work, it doesn’t prepare student to become psychedelic therapists any more than other mindfulness or spiritual practices do, and in some cases it can even get in the way of deeper experiences that are outside the realm of psychotherapy.

Online vs. In-Person Training Retreats  

Covid-19 has certainly changed the world, and in doing so, radically transformed our training program. We successfully transitioned to an all-online model in September 2020 to continue this important work, and have since facilitated seven online training intensives. We are now including the practicum into the training beginning 2021 and will continue to develop the program in this new format as we go. All in all, the transition to the online platform was quite the ride and well worth it!

Currently, we are only offering online trainings, but hope to transition to an online and in-person hybrid model in the fall of 2021. We are also training a core group of facilitators who will offer these trainings regionally beginning sometime in 2021 or 2022.

So far  this is what we have learned about online vs. in-person trainings with psychedelic cannabis:

  • While we only recommend working with cannabis where it is safe to do so, our program is now greatly more accessible, more affordable  (no travel or lodging costs), and now has an international reach. We are so honored to work with from students all over the world.
  • Making your own Psychedelic Cannabis blend WORKS wherever you live, as long as cannabis is safely available. Our students reliably report psychedelic level experiences using the cannabis strains they have available. Please consider the implications of this on the psychedelic movement.
  • In-Person vs. Online – Although we truly miss our retreats, neither is better than the other, just different. Our students regularly report that they feel even safer and more comfortable in their own homes during their journey experiences, and can feel the support of the virtual circle just as they would in person.
  • Psychedelic Cannabis Experiences facilitated online WORK, and are very safe. We screen all of our students for safety, but cannabis is generally very safe. As long as you have a decent internet connection, we can play our music sets over the internet and the connections are very reliable. Plan on having full psychedelic experiences and prepare accordingly.
  • We need Community! Psychedelic medicine people were already isolated before the pandemic, and it has only gotten worse since. We need community connections, and we need a space to shake off the trauma of tolerating the new realities of the world. Because so many of our students are social distancing, we teach you how to facilitate psychedelic cannabis experiences online. This isn’t a skillset you can just start doing, so we provide access to the technology to practice with others in your cohort first.
  • We don’t have time to wait for the world to return to normal, if it ever does. This is the time to learn these skillsets so you’ll be ready for the massive wave of transformational healing required for everyone waking up.
  • Online trainings are so awesome they will always be part of our program. It is a much more resilient model to our new global reality of pandemics, or climate change, or otherwise. Beginning in the second half of 2021, we will start transitioning back to a regional in-person training model with online components as an option so we can share sacred space again. Plan on coming to our International Community Gathering in Colorado in September 2022. Hopefully, we’ll be through this by then.

PSS1 – Program Overview

Online Lectures 

$250 – This is the only lecture series that is open to the public. Tuition for the lectures is deducted from the total PSS1 Tuition if paid for separately. 

Topics Include:

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Foundational Mindful Journeywork Practices
  • Tracking & The Five Awareness Practice
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Shadow Work & Aspects of Self
  • Transpersonal Terrain & Setting Sacred Space
  • Beginners Music Set Instructions
  • Necessary Skill Set and Resiliency Development
  • Self Care and Resourcing Art Experiential
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Making a Cannabis Blend
  • Using Cannabis With Intention

(additional content added over time and accessible to graduates)

PSS1 Intensive – 4.5 Day Training Retreat 

To begin your journey in becoming a psychedelic guide, we meet Wednesday-Sunday for our first training intensive. You’ll experience the transformational power of psychedelic cannabis firsthand in a series of four journey experiences. We provide ongoing small group process for integration support and skill development, and a series of lectures on mindfulness practices, facilitator logistics, and other skills required for ethical guiding. 


  • Wednesday Evening 6-9pm –  Introduction, Logistics, Guided Cannabis Meditation
  • Thursday-Saturday 10am-6 or 7pm – Small Groups, Lectures, Psychedelic Cannabis Experientials
  • Sunday 10am-4:30pm – Small Group, Music Facilitation, Professional Development, Small Group and Closing Ceremony

Small Integration Process Groups & Lectures on Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences in the Morning

  • Journeywork topics and guided meditations for skillset and resiliency development
  • Sitting topics and exercises to cultivate presence, contact, and energetic transmutation

Topics Include: 

  • New – Facilitating ONLINE psychedelic cannabis experiences
  • Integration
  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Safety & Community Guidelines (Journey Agreement)
  • Multicultural competencies
  • Introduction to Sitting for Psychedelic Experiences
  • Facilitating a Cannabis Experience
  • Cannabis Relationship Art Experiential
  • Contact Exercises and Presence
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Psychedelic Sitting Demonstration
  • Session Work: Preparation, Imbibing, Body Scan, Journey, Returning, Interventions & Handling Difficult Experiences
  • Trauma Conference Presentation

(additional content added over time and accessible to graduates)

Journey Practicums in the Afternoon

Guided tours of the inner cosmos and initial “dross” clearing (working levels 1-2 in transformational alchemy to transform trauma into gifts).

  • Wednesday Evening – Guided Cannabis Meditation – Introducing the Spirit of the Plant
  • Thursday – Cannabis Healing Meditation – Group journey experience to showcase the primary experience PSS1 students learn to facilitate
  • Friday – Conscious Cannabis Circle – Group journey experience to showcase the full, extended psychedelic cannabis experience
  • Saturday – Cannabis Breathwork Experience – Group journey experience to support our students learning to tolerate the extreme states that are elicited by psychedelic cannabis



PSS1 Practicum – 2 Day Training Retreat with Support Sessions

“Guide Twice, Journey Twice”

Once you complete the PSS1 Intensive, you’ll attend a Facilitators Practicum in the following month or two. These are scheduled and facilitated by our small group leaders, who are trained and experienced in the MBPT modality. We’re currently experimenting the best format, but the overall program is either two full days or four half days with preparation and integration meetings to support our students. Under our supervision, you’ll facilitate two psychedelic cannabis experiences and be the journeyer for two psychedelic cannabis experiences, either online or in-person, with other members of your cohort. 

  • Student Pair Exercises – Individual Journey Experiences
  • 1.5 hr Orientation Session
  • 4 3-hr Practice Sessions
  • 1-2 1.5 Integration Sessions

Total Tuition PSS1 – $2,500


Optional Credentialing – Psychedelic Sitter – $500 – Required for Professional Practice 

Please visit our MBPT Credentialing page for full description of the Credentialing program.

  • 40 hrs practice sessions with 7.5 hrs group supervision and one hour of individual supervision/mentorship
  • Student completes 10, 3 hr psychedelic cannabis sessions and accompanying pre/post sessions and retains personal, client notes, client feedback, that are reviewed in 5, 1.5 hour group supervision sessions with final supervision/mentorship 1hr session, certificate and ceremony of completion. 3-6 months

Total Investment – $3,000 (with credentialing)

Application Fee – $150

Tools – $420

Nano-CBD & Nano-CBN ($250-discounts available), Book ($20), Vaporizer ($150)

Optional: Headphones with microphone

PSS1 Time Commitment Estimate

  • Total Class Time 67 hrs
  • Study/Practice 67 hrs
  • Credentialing 40 hrs

Total Hours 164 hrs

Potential Wage and Core Service

  • Psychedelic Sitter (Level 1) – $25-$50/hour – 2-3 hour psychedelic cannabis sessions (non-clinical), apprentice with, and assist in small groups with qualified psychedelic therapists

Psychedelic Sitters School Level 1 Intensive Dates 

Wednesday evening 6-9pm, Training Thursday 10am-Sunday 4:30pm

  • March 17-21, 2021
  • July 14-18, 2021
  • October 13-17, 2021
  • February 2022 – Date TBA
  • May 2022 – Date TBA
  • October 2022 – Date TBA

Please Note: Psychedelic Practicums for PSS1 are scheduled after each retreat and are another two full-days, or four half-days of training. Dates are preestablished by the small group facilitators.