Services for Guides and Therapists

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness now has a 6 office therapy suite that offers both psychedelic cannabis and ketamine services, as well as psychotherapy, psychiatry, and coaching. We also manage a beautiful, cannabis-friendly, and very large yoga studio 8 minutes from downtown Boulder. 

We are now offering clinical training opportunities in our center for professional therapists and guides, and for those of you practicing in this area, we now have outdoor spaces for psychedelic therapy and psychotherapy available as well that allow for social distancing. Were set up to work with both psychedelic cannabis and ketamine and have more client inquiries than we can support without expanding. If you are interested in joining our center as a professional facilitator or therapist, please connect with me to learn the details. We also have volunteer/extern opportunities as well. 

Supervision & Mentorship – Psychedelic Friendly Office Space – Outdoor Therapy Spaces – Community

Other services for established practitioners include cannabis-friendly professional clinic space, medical oversight for ketamine treatment, a front office harm reduction specialist to increase office security, paperwork, scheduling and client management, supervision, referral services, and individual, couples, small group and outside therapy space rental.

Apprentice/Intern/Extern – Volunteer Opportunities and for Clinical Licensing Requirements – Gain experience sitting for individual sessions with a psychedelic therapist, support small group psychedelic cannabis experiences, gain supervised hours for credentialing, and receive professional supervision for licensing requirements. Join a community of like minded individuals doing amazing work in the world.

Introducing the Psychedelic Cannabis Corps and the Affordable Psychedelic Therapy Program 

The Psychedelic Cannabis Corps is a vision for immediate collaborative action to address the significant need for healing and transformation during this period of ecological and social crisis. What if we literally cant wait for other psychedelic medicines to be available for use on the necessary scale? Our goal is to provide this healing support in a structured way that allows students to gain the necessary experience and supervision to be competent psychedelic therapists and guides. 

This program, coupled with our new Affordable Psychedelic Therapy Program, supports students in gaining important experience while simultaneously providing low cost but safe and high quality psychedelic experiences and support. Our psychedelic therapy center in Boulder also provides a number of resources to support professional development as a psychedelic guide. You are encouraged to speak to us about these possibilities, one of which is a clinical internship for new practitioners.

Private Practices and Heartships 

The goal of the program is to support our students in developing their own private practices, or collaborative practices in the field of psychedelics. Individual practices are very diverse and can range in specialties from group to individual practices, and special clinical and healing modalities. A primary protocol that this program has to offer is the “Heartship,” a small group protocol for healing and transformation using psychedelic cannabis. Group experiences keep the costs down for individual participants, while simultaneously increasing the salary of a practitioner.