Steps to take

Register for Level 1: Psychedelic Sitters School

Completion of Level 1 Psychedelic Sitters School is required before attending the Level 2 Psychedelic Guide Training Program.  Level 1 and Level 2 can be registered for at the same time, however, Level 1 must be completed in good standing before attending Level 2.

If you have completed our Level 1 training, or are interested in registering for both trainings at the same time, please email us at

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 This work continues to impress me with its potency, depth, and its ability to evoke the full range of human emotion from pain to grief to bliss. There are real skills to be learned here and real changes that have occurred in me as a result.


Daniel McQueen's book "Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate" is now available!

After years of exploring cannabis and working with it as a psychedelic, Daniel McQueen has written down what he has learned to share with you. In this book, you will learn how to transform Cannabis into a potent psychedelic medicine and use it as a tool to support you on your journey.