Ceremonial Cannabis | Guiding with Cannabis | Psychedelic Sitters SchoolPsychedelic Guide Training – Level 2 – completes the training of Level 1 and is designed to teach students everything they need to know to facilitate experiences incredibly similar to MDMA/Psilocybin in a professional setting using psychedelic cannabis.  Students will learn how to deepen and broaden their client’s process of healing and transformational discovery while simultaneously engaging in personal mindfulness practices that facilitate self transformation and healing. 

The Level 2 intensive is a full, 4-day professional training program with 15 hours of pre-training online lectures and 22 hours of psychedelic therapy experientials. These experientials include 4 one-on-one practice sessions as well as a community Conscious Cannabis Circle. 

Psychedelic Guide Training is a prerequisite to be an assistant facilitator, a small group leader in our training program, and PSS3 – Advanced Practices in Psychedelic Therapy.

What you’ll learn about guiding with psychedelic cannabis

The program is experientially based.  Participants will each be guided on an intentional cannabis session, and will take turns practicing sitting, guiding, and “holding space” for each other.  The group will participate in a Conscious Cannabis Circle on Saturday night, as part of its initiation into guidework.

The lead facilitator will guide 1-2 participants to demonstrate important guide techniques, and each student will have the opportunity to be guided as well as guide a session twice each. 

In addition to learning how to step into a professional psychedelic therapy practice, students will learn specific guiding techniques framed within a mindfulness practice called the “Five Awareness Practice.” Within this framework, somatic awareness with acceptance is healing and transformative. Students will also learn internal mindfulness techniques to increase personal spiritual resilience as a guide, and to be able to “imagine with” our clients. Students will be provided a framework for understanding the phenomenological experience of the deep psychedelic journeywork state.  


PSS2 – Psychedelic Guide – Program Overview

Online Lectures – 15 hrs – $500

Topics Include: 

  • Assessments
  • Contraindications and Agreements
  • Safe Community Policy
  • Facilitating the Five Awareness Practice
  • Circuit Boarding
  • Interventions
  • Terrain
  • Parts
  • Dross
  • Facilitating Small Groups (Heartships)
  • Using DJ software to create specialized music sets
  • “Imagining With” 
  • Hoop Experiential
  • Integrating Psychedelics & Professional Identity Art Experiential
  • Cannabis Guiding Demonstration
  • Sustainability
  • Facilitated Movement & Stretching
  • Additional Cannabis Blend Info
  • Intention Setting & Integration Support
  • Directed Guiding
  • Guiding vs. Therapy

Roughly 15 hours of lectures on these topics, with home work and reading assignments, additional content added over time.

Small Group 2 – 7.5 hrs – $250

  • Guide topics and exercises to cultivate the imagination, integrating aspects of self, reflective communication 
  • 5, 1.5 hour group sessions

Journey Practicum 2 – 14 hrs – $750

  • The “two day intensive” is the recommended CAPT protocol, parts work (associated with levels 3-4 in transformational alchemy), 2 Conscious Cannabis Circles
  • 2, 5-hour CCCs with 2, 1.5-hr sessions for prep and integration

Guide Practicum 2 18 hrs – $1,000

  • Pair exercises – guide for two sessions and journey for two sessions, individual one-on-one 
  • 4 events, 4 hrs each with 2, 1 hour group supervisions after each pair. 

Total Tuition – $2,500

Optional Credentialing – Psychedelic Guide – $500

Please visit our MBPT Credentialing page for full description of the Credentialing program.

  • 60 hrs practice sessions with 7.5 hrs group supervision and one hour of individual supervision/mentorship
  • Student completes 10, 5-hr psychedelic cannabis sessions and accompanying pre/post sessions and retains personal, client notes, client feedback, that are reviewed in 5, 1.5 hour group supervision sessions with final supervision/mentorship 1hr session, certificate and ceremony of completion. 3-6 months

PSS2 Time Commitment

  • Total Class Time  63 hrs
  • Study/Practice    63 hrs
  • Credentialing     60 hrs

Total Hours       166 hrs

Total Investment $3,000 (with credentialing)

Potential Wage and Core Service

  • Psychedelic Guide (Level 2) – $50-$100/hour – 3-5 hour psychedelic cannabis sessions, facilitate small groups, small group leaders of the PSS program

Psychedelic Sitters School Level 2 Intensive Dates


  • Wednesday Evening Social Gathering 6pm
  • Thursday 10am through Sunday 5pm 

Includes some mornings off and evening group psychedelic cannabis experiences

Intensive Dates

  • November 12-15, 2020 – Full
  • January 14-17, 2021 – Open to New Students
  • April 15-18, 2021 – Open to New Students


A Psychedelic Cannabis Group Experience