Continuing Education – Mushroom Growers Community

Psychedelic Sitters School Students living in Colorado are invited to participate in our Mushroom Growers Community. Proposition 122, the Natural Medicine Health Act, allows for the personal use of and the gifting, not the selling, of psilocybin mushrooms to other adults, whether they are clients or friends, for the purpose of private, personal use and beneficial community events. As hard as it may be to believe, this is completely legal now in Colorado.

Beginning in the summer of 2023, Psychedelic Sitters School will begin an ongoing program to teach our members how to safely grow, and safely handle psychedelic mushrooms for personal use, either for journeywork or for microdosing purposes.

Learn effective growing techniques and gain access to all of the tools you’ll ever need to have a viable home grow for personal use.

More information is provided to our students. Our first cohort will be open to graduates of PSS1-2, Psychedelic Guide Training, to ensure a certain level of safety and community accountability. 

By being a member of the Mushroom Growers Community, you will receive:

  • A beginners class on starting a home grow with all necessary supplies provided
  • Monthly community support classes on growing process
  • Access to online community forum to ask questions and share your successes and mistakes
  • Advanced growing practices with a variety of mushroom varieties
  • Access to labs to have your mushrooms tested for potency and contaminants