Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation Community, Student & Professional Membership

In 2022, the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation Board of Directors voted to become a Religious Non-Profit to start a process that would provide additional legal protections to our members. This by no means mean we require a certain belief or dogma to participate in this community. In this regard, the MM Foundation Mission Statement will be continually evaluated by the community. 

We are also a Professional Association so we can best represent our members through a collective voice for greater influence in our work. 

There are three levels of membership in the MM Foundation: Community Member, Student Member, Professional Member. 

1. Community Member

Community members are non-voting members that have signed up to participate in any of our community events, many of which require the Psychedelic Safety Questionnaire and the relevant informed consent agreements. This information is kept on file so it only has to be updated once a year. 

Community members are also representative of our longterm allies within the psychedelic movement. 

Community Membership is free. Annually updated participation agreements are required to maintain membership and attend medicine related events. Community Members are invited to offer an annual donation to the program if they wish. 

2. Student Member

We are primarily a professional training and professional practice organization, so the students and graduates of our program make up our community. 

Benefits and other Information 

  • New PSS students receive first year for free with the purchase of PSS1 training program.
  • Annual renewal of this membership is required to denote active membership in our program for a variety of legal and safety reasons.
  • Student Membership is $150/year after the first year. Scholarships apply. 

You will have access to:

  • Community Resources, Online Classes, and Online Forums based on training level access
  • Access to Community Groups
  • Voting rights – process being determined now by the Community Councils, for those who complete their 6 month probationary period
  • Opportunity to sit for free for any PSS/MM community circle after the completion of PSS1 (Senior Dragons often open space for this as well) – Limited space for in-person, but open for virtual events.
  • Membership discount on journey experience


We are asking all current students to update their participation documentations and update their information in our new system. These have all been updated recently so we’re going to ask that you review and sign again so everyone is on the same page.  Consent to all agreements in the Student Handbook is required to formally invite you as a student member in 2023. 

3. Professional Member

Currently, graduates of our program and professional members of our center and training program are invited to become professional members. This membership level requires completion of our Psychedelic Guide Credentialing Program as outlined on our Program Guide and in our Guild Agreement. Professional practice in clinical settings requires completion of our Psychedelic Therapy Credentialing Program. 

One of our core ethical requirements to practice professionally as a guide is community accountability and oversight, which is one of the primary functions of the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation. When other Professional Oversight Associations are up and running, we may align with one of them or allow a variety of ways to maintain the community oversight requirement for professional membership. 

  • Professional Membership is $300/annually. Scholarships apply. 
  • Required for Dragon Training.
  • Professional Online Directory for our graduates. 
  • Access to updated professional and legal documents and other guild resources for personal practice.
  • Professional Opportunities such as becoming a paid guide at our center, or a trainer in our training program become available on a regular basis. 

Membership Agreements

Use of the Practitioner Titles and Branded Service Titles requires your ongoing membership in MMF. To continue as a member (“Member”) of PSS, you must meet all requirements set forth in the Program Guide and pay all applicable annual dues. Any annual dues for membership will be fully disclosed on the program website. 

Any violation of the terms of this Agreement or the Program Guide could be grounds for review by the MM Safe Community Council (as selected by the MMF Board of Directors), and in certain extreme cases, including without limitation unsafe criminal behavior, or the repeated unsafe use of psychedelic medicines, the immediate termination of your status as a Member would be considered. As a psychedelic harm reduction and education program, our goal would be to support our students through restorative processes and to maintain appropriate safety boundaries when doing so. YOUR MEMBERSHIP MAY BE REVOKED WITH WRITTEN NOTICE TO YOU FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT OR ANY OTHER AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND MM.