Jenn Paradise

Jenn Paradise, MA

Training Program and Social Media Coordinator

Jenn Paradise is a Training Program Coordinator for Psychedelic Sitters School and Social Media Coordinator for the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness.

Raised in Colorado, Jenn obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Colorado. It was on the CU Boulder campus, when she attended a talk hosted by Rick Doblin, that she first developed the conviction that she wanted to become a part of the growing movement of legal and accessible psychedelic medicine.

In 2017, she obtained a Master of East-West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. Within this unique learning community, she participated in a rich crossroads of psychological and spiritual traditions of the East, West, and Indigenous cultures from around the world. After taking a diverse range of multidisciplinary courses, she was able to formulate an authentic and informed approach on what it means to be a healer in contemporary times. As part of her final integrative project for her program, Jenn delved into research regarding the nature of cannabis as an entheogen and how to create a new spiritually-inclined relationship with a plant already so embedded in the ethos Western culture.

Later that year, Jenn enrolled in Psychedelic Sitters School to learn from the only program currently doing psychedelic work with cannabis. With these valuable skills, she was able to contribute meaningfully as a volunteer with established harm-reduction institutions, such as Jamcare, and participated in music festivals across California.

Immersed in the thriving music communities of San Francisco, Jenn joined a team as a promoter and developed foundational skills such as event planning, administrative organization and social media management. In this space, she was also inspired to cultivate a latent passion for writing beyond the limitations of academia and explored topics such as music subculture, psychedelics and spirituality, and creative fantasy fiction.

With these tools under her belt, Jenn enthusiastically joined the Psychedelic Sitters School team at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. By assisting with the necessary structure and organization to keep the program running smoothly, she is pleased to witness a new generation of psychedelic guides be trained to serve a world in need.