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Medicinal Mindfulness Celebrates 10 Years of Cannabis as Psychedelic Medicine

Help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Whether you are new to the Medicinal Mindfulness community or not, you’ll be sure to find something interesting to participate in the week of April 20th. Meet some of the leaders in our work and learn more about how cannabis is a classic psychedelic and samplings of our work.

Please fill out the registration form and waivers. You will be able to check which events you are wanting to participate in within the form. You will be sent a Zoom link the week of the event.

All the events are FREE. Capacity is 50 people.

Week of Online Events

All events are in Mountain timezone – please adjust accordingly.

Sunday, April 17
*pre-recorded session, sent to those who register for any event
Psychedelic Therapy is Already Legal: A Conversation with the Clinical Team of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness
led by Dr. Alyse Power, Alison McQueen, and Jahmaya Kessler

Dr. Alyse Power, MD is the Medical Director of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, the first legal psychedelic plant medicine therapy clinic in North America. Alison McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR is the Clinical Director of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness and served as a Sub-Investigator in the phase 2 trials of MAPS’ MDMA-for-PTSD trials. Jahmaya Kessler, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Psychedelic Therapist specialized in Cannabis-Assisted and Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic and Somatic Therapies.


Monday, April 18
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MT

Ganja Yoga
led by Javiera Köstner

Co-founder of Green Magic Yoga, Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, CAP Therapist, Training Program coordinator for the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

Ganja Yoga is a blend of mindfulness, yoga, cannabis, relaxing vibes, grounded spirituality and a touch of latino spice in a community setting.


Tuesday, April 19
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MT

Medicine Wheel Workshop
led by Ron Camacho

Co-founder of Esoteric Healing San Diego; Psychedelic & Psychospiritual Guide; Training Leadership Team for the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

The Medicine Wheel Workshop is an introduction to creating containers and ceremony based on indigenous and earth-based wisdom. We will be discussing a general overview of the seven directions, the medicine and shadow aspect of each direction, practical and esoteric ways of working with the medicine wheel, and we’ll close the circle with a short Cannabis Meditation to explore each direction as we embody the concepts discussed.


Wednesday, April 20
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. MT

Conscious Cannabis Circle
led by Daniel McQueen

Co-founder of Center for Medicinal Mindfulness; Author of Psychedelic Cannabis

Conscious Cannabis Circles are group psychedelic experiences using guided meditation, music, and the potency of psychedelic cannabis. Learn how to use a legally available psychedelic for healing, transformation and personal journeywork.


Thursday, April 21
7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. MT

Integration Circle
led by Carol Benton and Rev. Jay Waxenberg

Carol is a Optimize Life, LLC Transformational Coach and Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Training Leadership Team for the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

Jay is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Psychedelic Sitters School and DMTx Training Program Director, Spiritual Counselor, and Psychedelic Guide with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

Integration Circles are a safe space to discuss non-ordinary states of consciousness with trained facilitators. This is an open meeting for both inexperienced and experienced individuals (must be over 18 years+ to attend), to offer and receive support for and from the community.

Questions? Reach out to events@medicinalmindfulness.org


Apr 18 - 21 2022
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