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Jul 24

Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy™ (KAPT)

July 24 @ 9:00 am - July 29 @ 4:30 pm MDT

©2023 Medicinal Mindfulness ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy

Join the clinical team of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness for a six day in-person professional training in Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy™ (KAPT).

The Center’s training offers:

  • Theoretical understanding of the clinical and psychospiritual applications of KAPT
  • Experiential training in best practices and the practical how-to’s of working skillfully with ketamine in legal settings
  • Practicum for qualifying trainees to participate in ketamine sessions
  • Skill development and practice sessions related to preparation and integration of KAPT sessions
  • Overview of ketamine research and important publications
  • Art-Based Psychedelic Integration experientials
  • Somatic Integration techniques
  • Training in lozenge (oral) & intramuscular (IM) administration, as well as psycholytic and psychedelic models congruent with the Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy model
  • Q&A and case studies with psychotherapists ,interfaith ministers, psychedelic guides and medical professionals from MM’s Clinical Team
  • Integrating Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy™ with KAPT™

Additional topics covered:

  • Intake, assessment procedures, and contraindications
  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Safety, consent, accessibility and multicultural considerations
  • Legal landscape and best practices
  • Verbal and non-verbal interventions (including art therapy)
  • Going beyond ketamine for symptom management: symptom resolution, personal growth, and psychospiritual development
  • Transpersonal content and context, transpersonal phenomenon, ancestors, etc.
  • The role of meditation, prayer, ritual and ceremony in KAPT settings
  • KAPT for post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth
  • Integrated Protocols utilizing Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy (CAPT) with KAPT on different treatment days

Who is this training for?

  • Psychotherapists, ministers and clergy, hospice workers, medical professionals
  • Non-licensed professionals who have completed Psychedelic Guide Training (PSS1 & PSS2)
  • Professionals who have been working in medical-only models with ketamine who want to explore what else is possible
  • Professionals who are interested in learning best practices of Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy and Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy

What is unique about this training?

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness provides academic, clinical, practical, and experiential training. Qualifying trainees will have the opportunity to participate in ketamine sessions and provide hands-on experience. This training provides you with an opportunity to learn clinical protocols and procedures as well as the opportunity to practice providing ketamine sessions in a clinical and therapeutic setting with medical oversight. Over the course of this in-depth six day training, you will learn directly from the medicine itself, as well as explore the practical knowledge of working with this incredible medicine.

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Intensive: July 24 – 29

Online Integration:
August 3,   5:30 – 7pm MT



July 24 @ 9:00 am MDT
July 29 @ 4:30 pm MDT