We’ve heard from a few of our clients and students that they wish to learn more about our vaccine requirement for in-person services and events. Given the unfortunate and unnecessary political nature of this issue, we would like to share our reasons for this decision. If you disagree with this, no problem, we have online options available for all of our programs and services.

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness and our facilitator team and staff are legally classified as “essential mental health workers in a medical clinic.” This is a huge victory for our movement to identify as such, and we take this designation very seriously. The regulations we adhere to with this designation in Boulder, Colorado, are currently quite strict. Because our services are provided to people who are sometimes experiencing a mental health crisis, it is imperative that our services face minimal disruptions caused by possible Covid-19 exposures. While we have air filters in every room, and require Covid-19 safety protocols, our center simply has a higher risk profile than many other mental health clinics, notably:

  • Many of our clients and students travel to Boulder for our services and events by plane
  • While our team is fully vaccinated, transmission can still occur, and we have 12 children collectively in our families that are too young to be vaccinated, several of whom are newborns
  • Due to the intense nature of these experiences, it is sometimes not possible for clients under the influence of a psychedelic medicine to keep their masks on
  • The size of our treatment rooms, and the nature of therapeutic interventions, do not allow for social distancing
  • Disruptions to our services cause significant financial harm to our program and to our team members, as well as can cause significant harm to our clients if we are required to pause or postpone a therapeutic process that we’ve already initiated
  • The number one “mindset” requirement for psychedelic therapy is for our clients to feel as safe as possible. Not requiring the highest standards in any safety protocol goes against the ethics of our program

For these reasons, and at this time, we require visitors to our center who want to receive our services or train with us in-person to be fully vaccinated, and to provide proof of vaccination. We will obviously reassess this requirement on an ongoing basis.

Many of our clinical services, including psychedelic cannabis experiences, can still be conducted online (where cannabis is legal) for those who choose not to get vaccinated. Our training program also has an online-only option to increase accessibility to this important service.

To help manage the risks associated with the pandemic, and to keep our center operational, we ask that all participants in our in-person groups respect this decision and share in holding the responsibility associated with engaging this important work as safely as possible during this uncertain period. Additional safety protocols may also be required depending on the nature of each workshop or service.

Our center will provide full credit, but no refunds, for any program missed due to a covid exposure, even if someone can’t make it last minute. Canceled events will be rescheduled as soon as possible. We are also not responsible for travel costs and hotel arrangements made by our clients if something is canceled due to an exposure. In-person work will automatically shift to an online setting whenever possible.

More than anything, we just want to keep our kids safe. We are not taking a political stance here. Our work is needed now more than ever. Thank you for respecting our choices in this area.

-The MM Team