covid 19 safety information

PSS Student Travel and Safety Guidelines and Coviid-19 Safety Information:

As we continue through this unprecedented period we have created an online option, and are switching to small cohorts for those who can safely travel when we meet in-person again. 

  1. We will be following Colorado Boulder County and State guidelines. Go to this page and review Colorado guidelines, and your own state guidelines regarding traveling. Some state guidelines are better than others. Please be responsible to keep you and everyone safe.

  1. Review what is happening in your state by searching online for “Covid-19 Cases and (State Name). Only come if it is safe for you to do so. We are prioritizing local and car traveling students, but also scholarship students and people who have set travel plans. If you can’t make it last minute, your tuition will be transferred to a new date without any extra costs.
  2. You are required to wear a mask during your travel, or anytime inside buildings or airports.
  3. We have a new Covid-19 safety disclosure form to be completed to reserve your spot.

We will continue to monitor current trends in Colorado, and we ask that you do the same where you live, and we will continue to adjust accordingly. When things open up more, we will return to hosting slightly larger groups (18 or so fit comfortably in the studio in a circle), but were leaving the very large group to the annual community gathering.

Being a psychedelic guide means being able to navigate big experiences safely, and taking personal responsibility for your own safety and the safety of your clients and others in the program. I cant imagine a better setting” than a global pandemic to practice psychedelic therapy. The work will continue and theres no reason to push safety edges needlessly. I trust this process and the timing of your participation. We will be in constant contact with the cohorts through this period.