Core Professional Competencies

Psychedelics have been used safely throughout the world and throughout history outside of clinical and medical settings. They have been used to explore the nature of our existence both in ancient spiritual and modern research settings, and have a long track record of their use being interconnected to advanced technological discoveries.

You dont have to be unwell to benefit from psychedelic medicines. Life is difficult to navigate at times, and psychedelics can be used to both recover from difficult experiences, as well as gain guidance in extreme growth edges. 

Psychedelic medicines are used throughout the world to discover solutions to complex problems, both technological, and ecological, as well as to work within solo practices for personal growth and healing. 

The field of psychedelics has a very rich history in theory and practice. The field of “Transpersonal Psychology” was founded by Dr. Stan Grof, acclaimed LSD researcher, and provides a foundational theoretical approach to our program. As we’ve developed this program over the years, we have asked the question “what core competencies do all psychedelic therapists need to be successful in the 2020s?” 

These 5 core competencies are standalone programs that can be taken anytime during and after the core PSS1-3 course of your training. Each conversation is woven into the backbone of the core training program, but to be a competent, solid, ethical, advanced psychedelic specialist, you really should consider these primary skillsets. 

Depending on the format, these classes can be a series of online lectures and small group discussions, or 4 day retreat intensives. They are designed to also count as Continuing Education Credits for professional mental health practitioners (NOTE: CE credentialing is currently under development).

Guiding Presence and Psychedelic First Aid are currently being offered. Facilitators and Expert Educators have been identified for teaching the others. See the next few pages for current programs. 

More information on The Guiding Presence can be found at

Psychedelics and Cannabis Education is an open program for the general public and is a Psychedelic Harm Reduction service of our community. This is Psychedelics 101 and the content will continue to be further developed. 

Application 2 is required to participate in 1-4. Class 5 requires Ap1. 

These courses are in-depth studies with small group discussions and experientials. Psychedelic First Aid includes Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certification.


Core Competencies & Continuing Education Credits Hrs Cost
1. Guiding Presence – Transpersonal Theory and Practice 32 $1,500
2. Psychedelic Ethics & Multicultural Competency 32 $1,500
3. Psychedelic First Aid, CPR Cert & Crisis Intervention 32 $1,500
4. EcoPsychedelics & Council 32 $1,500
5. Psychedelics & Cannabis Education (service to community) Ap1 8 $0

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