2019 Schedule


Retreat Schedule



Psychedelic Sitters School Level 1

May 8-12; September 25-29

Becoming a sitter.

Psychedelic Sitters School Level 2

June 6-9 (sold out); November 7-10

Becoming a guide.

Psychedelic First Aid/CPR Training

August 9-11

Safety training.

2nd Annual DMTx Psychonaut Training

September 4-8

Psychonaut Training


Since cannabis became legal in Colorado in 2014, Medicinal Mindfulness has facilitated ongoing psychedelic group experiences that are safe, accessible and incredibly evocative in a beautiful, private event center near Boulder, CO.

These events are important to our community, not only because they are deeply meaningful to facilitate and share, but also because they create opportunities for graduates of our Psychedelic Therapy Training Program to gain hands on experience facilitating psychedelic journeys within the safety of a professionally facilitated program.


Local Events


Medicinal Mindfulness regularly facilitates private groups and retreats.  All of these events can be integrated into private retreat experiences, in Boulder, Denver, in the Rocky Mountains, and also anywhere cannabis is legal.  Private Conscious Cannabis Events, Community Breathwork, and Cannabis-Assisted yoga sessions and gong baths are perfect for groups of friends, Colorado visitors, dispensary owners, corporate executives, retreat organizers and cannabis friendly retreat centers.  They can be stand alone events or incorporated into larger retreat experiences.


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